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The Power of AI for Your Social Impact Organization

Did you know that 4 out of 5 social impact organizations believe that generative AI could benefit the communities they serve? *

Are you also considering implementing AI but aren't sure where to start?

If your organization struggles with time-consuming yet essential internal processes such as reading through RFPs, grant writing, donor report generation, literature reviews and content creation for newsletters, you aren't alone. These tasks can consume a significant portion of your resources and time, hindering your ability to engage effectively with the communities you serve.

We understand these challenges firsthand after engaging with numerous social impact organizations. Our insights were further reinforced by feedback from our advisors, who collectively bring over 50 years of experience working in and serving as board members for non-profits.

That is why we have developed an AI platform specifically designed to address these pain points and deliver significant time savings (up to 40%), cost reductions, and quality improvements (by up to 18%). Just imagine AI saving you up to 12X the time spent on fundraising tasks, including understanding RFP requirements and crafting grant proposals, amongst a host of other capabilities the platform brings, allowing your organization to refocus on its core mission.