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Ethical, Secure AI Solutions Tailored for Social Impact Organizations

Are you a social impact organization eager to harness the power of AI but worried about data privacy and security? Look no further! Here is an AI platform crafted by experts in non-profits for non-profits!

If your social impact organization finds itself bogged down by essential operational tasks, limiting your ability to focus on fieldwork and core initiatives with beneficiaries, you're not alone. Many in the sector share your desire to leverage AI but have concerns about ethical data handling practices.


Drawing from extensive conversations with social impact professionals and in close collaboration with our advisors, who serve on the boards of numerous non-profits in the US, we've created a one-stop-shop AI platform designed to meet the unique needs of the social impact sector while prioritizing enterprise-grade data security.

Our AI platform empowers nonprofits to achieve significant time savings, improve output quality, and reduce costs across essential operational tasks (up to 66% higher productivity). From streamlining fundraising via RFP reviews, grant writing and rubric-based grant reviews to conducting literature reviews across your chosen websites and documents simultaneously, generating reports and analytics from raw data, creating content for social media and newsletters in 100 languages, to analyzing transcripts from focus groups and interviews, and generating instant, context-based presentations and document summaries—we've got you covered.